Collaborate with Venezia Heritage Tower to communicate your corporate values and your ability to create work and innovate with positivity and sharing the goals of an entire territory known the world over.


Venezia Heritage Tower hosts activities of companies interested in developing their business based on the founding values of VHT, such as corporate culture. This collaboration aims to highlight a rich entrepreneurial heritage by acquiring a series of advantages starting from the use of unique spaces that excite its guests (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.), benefit from existing cultural displays, and provide a useful platform in terms of visibility and positioning.

Collaborating with the Venezia Heritage Tower means helping to convey past values to future generations through innovation and by connecting one’s image to a centre of excellence and its first-rate member companies. Companies that we thank for grasping the social value of the project, as well as the business value of being located in a bustling area that benefits from its proximity to Venice, also for advertising campaigns.

Different types of collaboration are available: structural, linked to the two floors being designed; artistic and cultural, linked to the exhibition spaces; educational, supporting training activities with schools; and entrepreneurial, related to conferences on sensitive topics, international business meetings, training, etc.

The Venezia Heritage Tower personalises its collaboration agreements with the utmost respect for the interests of visibility and growth of companies, ensuring consistency with existing partners and conveying an unequivocal message of value, so as to promote development for all stakeholders (win-win approach).

For more information: info@veneziaheritagetower.com.

Ever convinced that any professional relationship should be based on a mutual sharing of energy and development, we will be happy to take you on a tour of the Venezia Heritage Tower to understand and start talking about your requirements.